PhoneGap Day

The next conference in which I had an opportunity to participate, PhoneGap Day, has just finished. Big theater hall, 17 speakers and a lot of HTML5 mobile apps geeks took part in this inspiring event in the centre of Amsterdam. It was my first visit in this beautiful city and I am very delighted. Did you know that there is much more bicycles than cars on the streets? Seriously, bikes were everywhere and sometimes it was hard to cross the street until a long chain of bikes passed.


The conference was placed in the building of De Theatercompagnie on single big scene with an audience filled to the last seat.

As always, I was posting the live relation on Twitter.


The event was conducted and managed by Brian LeRoux, Colene and Peter-Paul Koch. Brian was introducing the speakers, telling jokes and tweeting at the same time – very energetic guy with a great sense of humour. I love this kind of conference convention.


I was quite surprised about different levels of the presentations. There were a few very bad ones, without any value, full of advertisements (and sometimes had very ugly slides), something like “Hey, I am guy from this and this company, we created this an this, buy it and use it – we are amazing”, but there were also excellent speeches about technology related to the PhoneGap platform.

Below, you can find short information about my favourites:

Rob Lauer presented interesting facts you have to remember when you create an app dedicated for AppStore. It’s important to follow a few important principles, otherwise your app can be easily rejected. For example, it must not download and/or execute external code, have to be unique and provide more value than normal website. Everything was wrapped in interesting form and clear slides.

Rob Lauer

Michael Brooks was talking about the very helpful tool (at least in these cases when it works) for managing PhoneGap projects, plugins and platforms – PhoneGap CLI. It’s very simple in use and available immediately via. npm. This tool is an overlay for Cordova CLI introducing extra features like remote building. CLI allows you for creating project, adding/removing plugins stored in GIT repositories and building projects automatically for each platform – using your local SDK or remotely.

Another amazing presentation was made by Fil May, about Appium – framework for testing mobile applications directly on the device or emulator. Fil demonstrated great examples and use cases with some live coding. For me it was the most valuable presentation of the conference.


The last one from my favourites is presentation about Speech Recognition in Open Web APIs by Simon Macdonald – in my opinion this was the funniest one. Simon presented very humoristic live examples and use cases.

After all presentations free beers was served for every attendee.


It was a great experience, thanks!

PS. Thanks to Jan, I’ve got my own Geeksphone Peak! Please expect at least several posts about Firefox OS in the nearest future :D